Are You Eager To Get Involved At Your Child's New Charter School? 3 Tips To Make Friends And Contribute To The Community

Children who attend charter schools often enjoy benefits such as opportunities to engage in specialized learning such as STEM classes. While a strong curriculum and experienced teachers help children to succeed, one of the biggest indicators of success for a child's education is their parent's level of involvement. Sending your child to a K-8 public charter school, such as Imagine Bell Canyon, gives you a chance to get to know the staff and other parents over a number of years. Now that your child's school year is starting, you can use these tips to make new friends and serve as a contributing member of the school community.

Join School Organizations

The majority of charter schools encourage parents and teachers to work together by forming associations that meet throughout the school year. Information about these associations is often provided early in the year, but you can also ask about parent and teacher organizations at the front office. These groups often help to make important decisions together about how things such as fundraising money is spent. They may also help to plan special events for the kids that give you even more ways to get involved. 

Look for Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are essential to a K-8 charter school community. If your child's school has a newsletter or website, then start by checking there to see if volunteers are needed. New opportunities for short-term volunteer positions often come up throughout the year. This allows you to help out, even when you work or have other responsibilities. For instance, the school may need someone to help out with a science fair or performance that the kids are putting on. Long-term volunteer opportunities may include helping out in the office or serving on a committee. Your child's classroom teacher may also need someone to help out in the classroom by serving as a room parent or just helping out with tasks such as organizing papers. 

Attend Special Family Events

Your involvement in your child's new charter school should also be fun. Check the school calendar for special events such as open houses and family game nights that give even more ways for parents to get to know each other. Showing up to these special events lets your child know that you value their education. It also gives you a chance to check out all of the exciting things that your child's new school does to help each student become successful in all of their endeavors.

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